Peach, Please! Too Faced Lipgloss

Thursday, 20 April 2017

To be fair they had me at the first promotional post which was soon viral across every social media feed. I love the kitsch design of all of the Two Faced products but for some reason haven't actively bought that many to date.

On reading some reviews the scent of peach was quite powerful and sweet so I thought I'd start lightly with a lipgloss purchase.

I have always had a love hate relationship with lipgloss, I love the idea of striking lacquered lips but then real life comes into play and with long hair and normal day to day activities like eating, drinking etc lipgloss tends to end up either wiped off in an instant, smeared unattractively across my mush or with my hair stuck to it. I don't tent to buy many lip glosses.

So, bowled over by the branding and then suckered in by the promise of peach oil, coconut oil and with names like Peach, Please! for £16 I thought it worth the risk.

And I am really glad I did, the shade Peach, Please is a mid peach pink which blends well with my natural lip colour, it has a more creamy oily texture than sticky and the scent is pretty and not over powering. As the gloss wears of I noted it does tend to tint my lips a more vibrant pink shade which is quite cool and wearable if I forget to reapply.

I am impressed to the point I would definitely try more of the range and having seen the cute blush palette I think I know which will be my next purchase.

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