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Joules and me

Monday, 24 April 2017

I am a big lover of all brands, high street to high end I just love how retailers position and promote their style to the consumer. How trends carry out their marketing and the campaigns they run impact on my buying choices hugely - I am not an independent trend setter, more a magpie that sees a gem of a collection that turns my head and results in my love of the brand.

I tend to have a set of go to brands that I love, enjoy wearing and will return to season to season knowing that hey sit well with my style but excite me enough to make purchasing still thrilling.

However there are a set of brands I just don't yet relate to and I am not really sure why. These aren't staple brands like M&S and Next more the more niche brands like Fat Face, Boden and Joules.

Initially I just didn't get the style, a little bit folk, tactile fabrics with comfort fit - often in warm autumnal colours. It has always felt like they were reaching out to a glowing outdoorsy, pottery firing woman who just wasn't me. Then a few weeks ago I saw a competition to win a bonny painted caravan as part of a particular branding campaign and I knew I just wasn't in this case a Joules girl.

And then something strange happened, I started to see the Joules brand everywhere. In concessions in garden centres, displayed across John Lewis and then on one trip I saw this gorgeous print : Nautical but broken up by spring blooms across a plain background.

I saw that it came in a scarf and a Breton top...then I felt the fabric and it was a gorgeous thick high quality cotton. As I was picking out my size another shopper commented on how well they washed. That was it I was buying my first piece of Joules.

I love the print, the fit, the style and it does wash well (31 years old going on...). I have worn the top so much I have now bought the dress.

It just goes to show that sometimes branding is only skin deep and the products in Joules' case certainly speak for themselves. I am not sure if I will ever make a welly purchase but I will certainly be keeping an eye out for their summer prints this season.

The brand was set up in 1989 and is inspired by the British countryside and offers a range of products, from welly boots through to home fragrance and toiletries. The brand range includes adults and childrens wear at mid range prices and is available online, via catalogue and now at concessions in John Lewis and Mothercare.

Items shown : Riviera Dress and Harbour top
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