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Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit

Friday, 21 April 2017

Palettes, palettes. palettes....

Possibly my favourite purchase to make is a face palette and the endless options they bring. That is typically I get home and realise that half of the shades don't suit me. This happens pretty much ever time.

So when the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit palette came out I was hesitant, I do own the previous palette and had used all bar two shades to the pan but at £69 it seemed a pretty decadent purchase.

I'm not sure what swung my order - whether it was the Space NK discount or the allure of the pretty packaging and the Hourglass fab online demo but before I knew it the palette was in my grasp.

So far on using the shades I can say that for the first time ever I have found a range of shades that work well on pale skin. The only shade that is still a touch dark for me at the moment (as we have just come out of the deep mid winter) is the Surreal Bronze Light but I am sure I will get wear out of this during the summer months and when I am on holiday.

The shades are as follows :

From the Top :

  • Surreal Light  - This is sheer enough to use all over the face and has a golden glow - really pretty and great for day and night use. 
Clockwise from Left : 
  • Surreal Bronze Light  - By far the best bronze shade I have found so far as it is made up of a range of tones and isn't a matte shade which often can leave you looking - well muddy. It has the luminous quality that we have all grown to love from Hourglass that gives a glowing finish.
  • Surreal Glow - is just so pretty and so wearable no matter heavy handed the application.
  • Surreal Effect - a great pop of colour for the checks but I do tend to handle with care - works well with blonde hair. 
  • Surreal Strobe Light - I find this highlighter perfect for night time wear but just a little to much for day to day office make up, certainly highlights features and looks great with a smokey eye. 

Although an expensive purchase up front, the quality and range I feel justify the price. I also like the size and although I have heard other bloggers say that for the price you don't get enough product I feel the range and shades make up for this. It is also a great travel option and option for those new to Hourglass.

Also if you don't have marble effect fatigue the casing has a luxe marble design, which I love.

If you fancy purchasing the palette it is still being stocked at Space NK (if you want to collect your points) or at Liberty.

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