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Diorskin Nude Air Compact Powder

Friday, 14 April 2017

A few weeks ago I was struck down by the mega lurgy, which would have been one thing if I hadn't had a 3 day intensive course and an exam ahead of me.

Normally, I would headed for a few days under my duvet but on this occasion I had got to brave it, so feeling like a shell of my former self I headed into work. It was so bad I went in with not a scrap of make up and in all black - which certainly did not help my look with several helpful colleagues stating I had a slight green tinge. Wonderful.

Three days later and one exam down and no results in sight, I thought sod it and headed to my favourite Essentials.com where I proceeded to peruse my favourite brand of all time Dior.

I love Dior for so many reasons but when it comes to treating myself to something truly decadent no brand fits the bill like Dior.

With the green tinge remark still in my mind and noting that my favourite hourglass powder was running low I thought I would try the Diorskin Nude Air compact in Radiant Nude. 

A product that promises to enhance your complexions natural glow with a blurring veil of colour that erases imperfections.

A product that you can use all over and on your facial contours to catch the light - so very similar to how I use my Hourglass strobe lighting powders.

I figured my current pallor could do with some help....

Firstly, when it arrived can I just say it was beautiful, so beautiful that I didn't want to use it. It comes in a heavy wait silver compact with little kabuki brush (to be honest this is a bit useless but cute all the same) and a little velvet case so you can prance about out on the town with it.

The powder itself has a very pretty gradual pink design set in a wave pattern, I'll be honest it is a pretty setting powder and does give lovely finish, subtly highlighting where the light catches...but it is £40 for a product that I am sure can be found cheaper. I do feel I get more from the Hourglass powder  but this is a pretty alternative. I can image this being lovely on a low key day just over tinted moisturiser.

As someone who is a magpie for pretty things this certainly brightens up my daily make up bag but it is certainly a decadent purchase.
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