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Secret Space Hertford : Pilates

Monday, 20 March 2017

It is finally spring and for the first time in a long time I may have kept a New Years Resolution. 

As part of entering 2017 and descending into my 30s (and reviewing some particularly unflattering holiday snaps) I knew I needed to get fitter. I have never been particularly keen on exercise or sport - to watch or to do and to be honest I find the current Instagram fitness 'goddess' agenda pretty intimidating so I embarked on the need to get fit on the quiet, seeking a little support and encouragement from buddies around me. 

I have tried so many fitness classes, with limited success. I sometimes wonder if finding an exercise class is like finding a lover. I have tried 'Trampolining' where the instructor spent the full 40 minutes shouting at me over her headset, 'Spin' which resulted in my shoe lace getting caught in the free spinning wheel attaching my ankle and leg to the bike and 'Yoga' which was taught by a beautiful flexible  20 year old instructor who couldn't hide her sighs as she corrected me for the 18th time in the first lesson. 

I could have persevered with these classes, but with such limited time during the week I needed somewhere that made me not feel like a complete fish out of water.

So when I stumbled across 'Secret Space' I was hesitant - but it was hidden out of sight down a little alley in Hertford town and it looked welcoming and inviting so I thought I could just pop my head in and see what they offered. 
The lady inside was so welcoming and said I could do a trial for £5 and I didn't need to have any prior experience and that the instructor would adapt to all abilities ( heard that before I thought) but I couldn't have been more wrong. Pilates at Secret Space is my perfect match. 

Pilates is so far from what I can gather all about strengthening your core, Alex (the instructor) says all egos need to be left at the door (that includes selfies and instagram poses) and the group is made up of newbies to the advanced and young and old participants. I absolutely love it. 

Alex gives you a range of options, gently guides you if you are going out of position and never singles you out. Since taking the class up I have slept better and felt calmer though starting my week with this class. You have to concentrate so you mind naturally clears as you focus on the simple but physically challenging tasks. 

So here is to a new love affair with exercise, one that was long coming but just maybe I have found my perfect match and perfect head space at Secret Space. 
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