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Valentines Day : Agent Provocateur

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Hi All,

Valentines Day is fast approaching and whether you are single, partnered up or married for 20 years as I mentioned before you either love it or loath it.

Although I personally love buying and sharing sentimental gifts, there is one gift I always slightly squirm over - lingerie. I'm not sure if it stems from that awkward scene in 'Working Girl' where Melanie Griffith receives that cringe underwear from her boyfriend or that it is fraught with potential argument - too cheap in price and colour? tacky? Wrong size too big knickers - too small bra...It just screams 'avoid' at all costs if you still want to be talking at midnight.

So this was my position until I discovered two brands that actually make lingerie fun, playful AND chic.

The secret is high quality, good fit and dare I say expensive. Sorry boys, Primarni is not the place for this purchase.

My two favourite brands are Myla and Agent Provocateur, both stores offer amazing service and even allow your partner a sneak preview in their boudoir style changing rooms that add to the sense of fun and it being a romantic purchase. I bought my wedding lingerie from Myla and have recently purchased a gorgeous set from Agent Provocateur. This brings me neatly to the main content of this post, some gorgeous pieces currently available from the Agent Provocateur which a perfect for treating yourself too or potential as gifts...best start dropping hints about now....

This red set is gorgeous and decadent, I have to say I have been known to layer up a cami with a jumper and jeans as I love to mix the textures, I can't help thinking this would look gorgeous layered with a black chunky jumper which gives this investment more versatile.

I love lingerie, but it has to be beautiful and wearable at this price point, this set is beautiful and sexy yet still practical. Pretty lingerie makes you feel good, so why save it for best? Wear it during the day to give you confidence and at night to romance...

One of the things I love about the Agent Provocateur brand is that they also sell some really cute, playful accessories. I am in love with their fluffy mules and old school glamour, so if you were looking for some gifts to share these Agent Provocateur stockings and also the Agent Provocateur game will certainly add to the fun....

All images Agent Provocateur to illustrate Valentines Day products, first image, mine.
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