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Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit : A Cult Product

Saturday, 20 February 2016

I know, I know, I am so late to the party. The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit palette is sold out everywhere and is now being sold for a month's rent on Amazon and the like.

I was quite skeptical about this products release just before Christmas,  and that is no slight on how much I like many of the Hourglass products particularly the blushers.

I read the reviews on the Ambient Lighting Edit palette questioning the size of palette vs the cost and amount of product and thought this was a limited edition palette that perhaps wasn't worth the hype.  I have also had a bit of a love hate relationship with the original Ambient Lighting powders and I really wanted to try them again in the luxury of my own home rather than under pressure of a beauty counter.

But then my favourite Hourglass blusher ran out as did my pressed powder and I thought I'd love to try the Hourglass Luminous Bronze Light powder and I thought the palette could potentially be worth the money for me to try a variety of Hourglass products and shades. So that my dear reader is one of the reasons this product is worth the money. If you are a hard core make up addict or an MUA that owns most of the Hourglass powders already this product isn't for you - you just need to shop your stash ;)

However, if you are new to the brand want an opportunity to own and try a range of products at your leisure - this is a good buy. Not to forget that the product is super portable and gorgeously packaged.

The variety of shades is great, due to the nature of the shades and limited show watched I have used the palette today for my full look bar my lips (obviously) so that you can see clearly the scope of use.

So from left to right clockwise you have :

Dim Light Powder : An illuminating rather than shimmery powder on my fair skin it is practically a bronzer so pale lovelies use with a light hand!

 Iridescent Light Powder : A beautiful, subtle shimmer with pale pink nude undertones a perfect highlighter that I can apply liberally on high points across my face.

 Powder Diffused Light Powder : This is basically the product that tipped me over to buying the palette a finishing powder, perfect for fair skin that has a slight buttermilk undertone that adds warmth.

 Blush Mood Exposure :I was a little but wary of this shade as I was worried it may look a little grey on me, but it is a pretty subtle dusty pink shade, swirled in true Hourglass style with the an iridescent highlight.

 Blush Luminous Flush :  This is such a versatile shade, a punchy rose pink, that again requires a light hand or you can look overly rosie! marbled with a gold highlight this will be perfect on a multitude of skin tones and I can't wait to wear this throughout the summer.

Luminous Bronze Light: One of the reasons I bought this palette, at the moment this bronzer is just a little to dark and rich for me. A pretty caramel chocolate brown rippled with a pale bronze highlighter it would be perfect on medium skin tones.

So as you can see you get a lot of variety, in a small but perfectly formed palette. A worthwhile buy for me but certainly a treat at full price.

Have you bought any Hourglass products? Which are your favourite?

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