Valentines Day with 'Lots of Love' Lush

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Some people hate it, some people love it. I love any excuse to be soppy to be honest. So Valentines Day to me is the perfect opportunity to buy cuddly frogs with corny phrases such as "Kiss me" and red roses and heart shaped boxes filled with chocolates.

So with that in mind I thought I would do a few Valentines Day posts, whether you are single and spoiling yourself or dropping some mega hints to the one you love I thought I'd dedicate some space to LOVE.

So starting off, this is the kind of gift I would buy myself, I love how Lush bring out themed items and now that I am just over my December 'Snow Fairy' addiction it is time to hit their Valentines Day range.

Of course there is a fair range to choose from but this gorgeous perhaps cliched heart shape box has it all for me.

It includes 6 of their most popular products with a focus on bath based items perfect to enjoy solo or with company...
The Lover Lamp...

This bath bomb is a twist on traditional cocoa butter enhanced with a rich chocolate orange scent thanks to Fair Trade Vanilla absolute and Brazilian orange oil . Like a chocolate orange without the calories and perfect for a newbie to bath bombs. The little floating red hearts are utterly adorable too.

A French Kiss...

A crumbly treat that is scented with lavender and extra virgin coconut oils that will soften your skin as you lay back and relax. This is a treat I would struggle to share, but if you are feeling generous you could save a little to share the joy ;)

Rose Jam...

I hate to have favourites but I can't help it, this is it and what a star it is. I have also heard that Kim K is a fan but I like to think I discovered it first. It looks adorable and it truly smells of rose which fills the bathroom whilst the water is turned a gorgeous shade of pink.

Tisty Tosty...

One for the real romantics, studded with real rose buds that float romantically on the surface of the water this one would be perfect for a romantic night in. Based on a medieval love potion this has a floral scent with notes of geranium, jasmine and rose

Sex Bomb...

Apparently Jasmine is an aphrodisiac and this feminine number is enriched in the scent, vibrant in colour but with a dainty rose embedded within. The Sex Bomb also contains the sweet floral Ylang Ylang oil which makes this the perfect choice for a girly night in for some relaxation.

Unicorn Horn...

A box on love wouldn't be complete without a fairytale themed item, this fun novelty bubble bar contains the soothing lavender as well as Neroli oil which apparently raises serotonin levels which apparently enhance our mood making us feel happy - isn't that just lovely. Think Friday after a long week, weekend stretching ahead...this is the bar to reach for.

This box is £27.95 available at Lush now x

Images all Lush (to illustrate product)

'Love Lock Bridge' photo 2015

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