The Happy New Year Revolution

Monday, 11 January 2016

Happy New Year!!!

What an immensely hectic year 2015 was and how am I looking forward to settling into my 30s and 2016 in a more calm and serene fashion ;)

So as I have now returned to work in my daily guise of project manager I have returned to some of the most hardcore New Year's resolution members I have ever come across. Our work fridge is over flowing with tupperware filled with lettuce, the fitness chat is at peak levels and everyone is keen to discuss the New Year 'New You' ethos that is the yearly theme in January.

A good colleague and friend openly debated why couldn't we make these reflections and changes any day of the year? Why the most cold, damp uninspiring month of the year? To cut out, reduce, limit things you enjoy that lets be honest we will all have cut so drastically it will result in us falling off the New Year bandwagon and sheepishly doing the walk of shame to the vending machine once more....

So I have decided to start my New Year with a few new resolutions that are maybe more broad than most.

They are :

1. I will wear more cream and black 

I am a really colourful dresser out side of work, I love pattern, print, texture but most of all colour, lucid bright shades that pop, however I noticed last year particularly at work if I had a serious meeting or needed to feel confident I always reach for the same dresses, suit jackets and shoes all in the three shades of white, cream and black.

Up until now I had always felt that these were safe, perhaps bland shades but in the right fit and silhouette there is nothing that makes me feel more confident. So I shall be buying and wearing more items in these shades and styles - and I now know its about what makes you feel good rather than what you think/read.

At the end of the day I can always jazz up with colourful accessories for after work drinks and it does't half save me time in the morning!

2. I will buy less at higher quality

The more 'grown up' I become the less I am interested in trends when it comes to fashion (unless it is one that has been round before that I love, think, lace, layering and leather)  and as I flick through ASOS, other blogs and brand campaigns I am now more drawn to higher quality and with that more expensive pieces.

So going forward I am going to try to buy less and pieces I genuinely love and will thoughtfully purchase i.e. 3 mediocre dresses = one gorgeous dress I will wear over and over, 3 highstreet bags = 1 real leather bag that will last significantly longer....

3. I will eat more and with better insight

I am not a great meal person, I am one of life's grazers - making it a nightmare to note during the day what I have eaten and what I haven't. This obviously is not great for maintaining a balanced weight, maintaining energy and not resulting in hoovering up chocolate biscuits.

I will always be a grazer so this is about using some of my planning skills and planning what snacks to take in to work that I can graze on throughout the day and making informed decisions. I will add on my ingredients to our weekly shop and start as I mean to go on.

I am also keen to work on sourcing some more 15min recipe ideas to make evening meals a bit more exciting! I may even share here!

4. I will be silly as often as I am serious

Over Christmas I really enjoyed being silly, I was silly a lot with family and friends and I can recall at least three fits of laughing till I cried, prior to this I cannot recall when it had happened.

Laughing, playing, fooling around is great for bonding, relaxing, easing anxiety and taking your mind off the daily pressures and grind of life.

So. I plan to be silly lots (obviously where appropriate)

5. I will say 'yes' more to social events and activities 

I am up for trying white water rafting, silks and zorbing and will say 'yes' more to friends that ask as well as suggesting ideas and activities. I thoroughly enjoyed being more of a 'joiner' last year and maybe it was good for me too. As my son grows more independent, funnily enough so do I so it is time to relish this opportunity.

I think that's it...hmmm on reflection perhaps I am part of that hardcore New Year's revolution!



Photo: LK Bennett Martina Tote (part of the New Year's Resolution)

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