Laura Mercier and Me

Monday, 11 January 2016

Laura  Mercier make up seriously came to my rescue in 2016 when I was struggling to find a skin base that didn't cause a reaction.

I have extremely sensitive reactive skin which means that highly perfumed or dense foundations result in breakouts that of course bring me down.

I discovered Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser spf 20 (nude) and have never looked back. Typically this product comes in at around £32 but the 50 ml tube will last 6 months and it is such a great base it is certainly superb value for money.

The liquid smooths on easily and layers up well, I typically only need to add additional concealer on trouble areas and under my eyes. The colour enhances my skin tone and doesn't settle into even the finest lines around my eyes.

Once you have a really positive experience with a brand, I don't know about you but it really opens up your interest in their other products. The best time I find to explore further is when they bring out their Christmas ranges, where typically they will offer gift sets of their best sellers which is where I picked up the following three items :

Caviar Stick Eye Colour in : Rose Gold 

To be honest I had already explored these before and you can read more about these here  as previously mentioned I prefer the Laura Mercier Formula to the Bobbi Brown version as i find it less oily and they tend to hold and not crease as much, both ranges have gorgeous shades to choose from.

Stick Face Colour in Peach Glow

This is a lovely creamy stick blush in a peach pink with a golden hue, the formula is quite firm so it takes some working into the skin and a little layering if you want a richer shade, however it will be perfect for the spring and really makes me think of summer dresses and the imminent wedding season! I personally love cream blushers as they leave a lovely dewy finish - perfect for the summer! I apply this product with my fingers direct from the tube, never tube to face as this can drag the skin and is harder then to manipulate.

Matte Radiance Baked Powder Highlight 01

As you know I am a sucker for a highlighter, when you have a rounder face highlighters are a God send for cheek bones to give definition and structure. I am typically a cream highlighter fan as I find controlling the blending easier and you don't end up looking like a shimmer ball with all those little particles falling all over you face. However, this shade is lovely and subtle, the powder brightens and glows rather than glitters making it almost fool proof.

So these are some of my new found gems, next I need to explore the Mercier lip colour ranges... we all know how much I love lipstick.

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