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A mile in my heels...Dune heels

Sunday, 24 January 2016

The last few January sales are lingering in the shops and to be honest, I have done really well to avoid any reactionary purchases bar this one...

A pair of gorgeous warm nude Dune heels, with  'Great Gatsby' esque gold detailing on the tip and heel.

The first few weeks back at work in January are always the hardest and after a particularly demanding week I stopped by my local John Lewis for a little retail therapy. I saw these beauties sat on the shelf and did the following mental checklist, the one we all do as we tussle between want and need, hmmmm...

a) "Do I really love them?" Check. I had seen them full price on an earlier shopping trip and although I loved them couldn't justify the spend at the time.

b) "Is it a useful buy?" Check. I am the queen of the useless purchase - if it's neon, pink, fur or jelly I've bought it with little regard for whether the £££ per wear warrants the purchase. In this case nude heels in a classic style - always useful.

c) " Do I already own it?" Kinda. As I have got older I have developed some key comfort styles and repeat purchases, due to this I now have more white summer dresses/ black tank tops/ camisoles than one girl needs. However in this case my current Zara nude heels pinch a little and this shade is more chic....

So I bought the shoes for the bargain price of £27...so now I have done the justification for you, you can pick yours up here
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