'Couture Creations' Dior Holiday Palette

Sunday, 4 October 2015

It may be far to early for tinsel and a tree but if all of the beauty releases are anything to go by it is sure soon going to be Christmas.

On my weekly, daily scanning of Nordstrom I caught sight of the new 'Couture Creations' Dior palette which not only looks completely gorgeous but perhaps, unusual in that it also looks completely wearable.

The palette contains 10 products and 3 brushes. Now, I have wanted to try the Diorific Face Powder for ages so excited to see this also contained in the palette as well as a subtle pink blusher. The six pretty eyeshadow shades offer subtle shades as well as several decadent metallics.

The two lip shades are versatile, a little bit of a shame that they are not in a separate compartment, as nothing worse than eyeshadow merging with the little lip cells but hey thats a minor criticism for something so purdy.

This is already available on Nordstrom so I am desperately going to try to keep this for my Christmas list...off I go to put my credit card in the freezer! 

*approximately £62 

Image from Nordstrom 

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