Snobbish Behaviour...a little life lesson

Monday, 31 August 2015

The other day in a perfectly normal social conversation I said something so snobbish it actually made me wince, as I laughed and  told the shallow punchline. I then realised I hadn't meant to say something mean. I had wanted to fit in.

That was cowardly, I have worked hard to be where I am now and I have no right to behave in a crass way - if I have nothing nice to say it is far better to stay 'schtum'. Class is so much more than money and material possession and I should have known better.

The problem with todays world is we are so busy spouting that we should love our natural selves, embrace our weight, wrinkles and achievements. BUT in the next breath we and the media are tearing each other down. Which is certainly not classy.

Luckily it was a throw away comment in an insignificant conversation, but I learnt a lot in that 5 minutes about who I aspire to be and a snob is certainly not the title for me.

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