Jason Natural Apricot Deodorant

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

I know an intimate blog post.

But it matters. I don't know if it was hitting 30 but all of a sudden health eating and healthy living is taking up more of my head space. I am increasingly aware of what I put on and in my body and can now tell my parabens from my phalaphates.

I of course believe in living first and foremost but if I can make little tweaks to be more aware and health conscious I'm going to try. 

Cue this Jason Apricot deodorant. I wanted to love it. I went out of my way to buy it. The packaging and formula was lovely and has a gorgeous apricot scent.


It doesn't work. Sadly, by the afternoon I felt warm and although I didn't smell I didn't feel 'cotton fresh'. Utter rubbishness. If I had been just relaxing at home or wearing a light cotton dress it might have been fine but in a stressful work environment in suiting it didn't stand up to the pressure. So, it looks like I'm still hunting for a natural deodorant alternative. 

On a plus side I can recommend Jason body products which are gorgeous and certainly fulfil their brief - the moisturisers are a particular favourite.

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