Boohoo Night

Sunday, 30 August 2015

There is nothing like a new dress. I never get tired of slipping a new dress from its hanger, the promise of making new memories, the new look and the fun of styling and making it my own.

I am not a brand snob, I know what I like. I admit that as I've got older I am drawn to chic classic silhouettes that tends to draw me to Reiss and French Connection for work wear but for sexy, trend driven pieces nothing beats River Island, Topshop and in this case Boohoo.

I bought this dress for a night out with the hubby, making the Boohoo Night label most appropriate. The shade is of course the most popular of the moment, the Khardashian 'mauve'. As soon as I felt the slinky almost slippery fabric I realised what Boohoo were trying and have successfully achieved with this diffusion line is to reveal a sensual, more seductive dare I say grown up side of the brand.

The prices are still low, but the quality far higher than what I have experienced previously. This dress named 'Karen'is made from the most fluid metallic fine Lycra and is cut to cling. The perfect dress for 'night'.

As you can see the dress was perfect for a romantic night and I shall definitely be placing a repeat order.

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