Sunday, 12 July 2015

Oh how I mourned the closure of Sephora, Islington. On my first foray into London I recall how Sephora was a Laberinth of beauty lotions and potions and make up marvels that I could lose myself amongst post a long retail shift. It was glorious.

So on my recent trip to Paris obviously I made a bee line to their gorgeous store on Champs Élysées.
To be honest the store hadn't changed a bit, the floor had the same styling and layout. Obviously in 10 years Sephora now sells  a lot more brands, however, as I wandered round I realised that pretty much all of the brands I saw were easily and readily available in the UK bar the Laduree range and of course the Sephora home brand.

The other irritating thing was that most of the gorgeous specialist Sephora sets that I had my eye on are only available online or were sold out. I also couldn't see any of the Tarte range so I had to do an online order anyhow.

Still, the store is a haven of beauty and whilst there I thought for a change I would buy a few Sephora home brand products to try, including :

Sephora Lip Artist Palette
Sephora Baked Sculpting Trio
Sephora Contour Eye Pencil in gold
Sephora Vanilla Hand Wash

Sephora product are amazing value and smartly packaged in black, I would liken the style to Revlon but slightly cooler, perhaps with a Mac edge!

The Sephora Lip Artist palette, is too cute concealing 8 shades, 4 glosses and 4 lipsticks. The quality is so so and the shades a little limited but for approximately £10 it is a handy little buy and has enough of a range to suit most skin tones and preferences (the bright pink is not for the faint hearted).

The Sephora Baked Sculpting Trio looked really exciting and is my favourite product of the three. A fab design and so easy to use. I am so pale that I feared this would be a real hit or miss but luckily the powder is so fine and with a subtle glimmer it is easy to apply and build up where necessary. I would certainly buy this again (Shown in Light 01)

The Sephora Contour Eye Pencil in gold was a frivolous buy, I mean who needs a gold eye liner day to day...but I had wanted one for nights out and thought when better to buy one. The tip draws like a fine liner with no need for heavy application, it lasts for 12 hrs and is a pretty indian gold shade.

Overall, a good quality range. I would be interested in testing their base products in the future to compare against our high street brands. The store itself is as cool as I remember but I can see why they left the UK. We truly are spoilt with our awesome beauty halls and have dare I say got the make up market well covered, however, Sephora is a fab alternative and I would certainly welcome them back (my bank balance not so much ;))

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