Monica Vinader : Siren Ring

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Every time I look down at this ring I smile, of course it is beautiful but the sentiment behind it is what makes it so special to me.

When I was 11 my dad bought me a love knot rose gold ring for Christmas, it was my first peace of adult jewellery and I treasured the little endless ring and have it to this day. Just before my 30th birthday my dad said to me, "I want to buy something special for your birthday, something for you that you will keep and not money that I know will go towards necessities". He knows all to well that over the past few years what with houses, cars, bills birthday money has often been absorbed by the joint accounts rumbling belly. 

Now, Monica Vinedar is one of those brands that is understated, chic but has this charming bohemian romantic quality expensive enough to be more than costume jewellery but affordable and accessible. You may have guessed I am a huge fan.

So on pondering the whole collection, Dad nagging me to see what I picked and debating between stacking rings and a statement stone I picked the Siren ring with a moon stone.

I love the word 'Siren' the Greek methology meaning - think mermaids seducing sailors not siren as in fire alarms obviously...

The gold band has this  hand crafted feel and angular finish whilst the cut moon stone sits proud from the clasp but cozily embedded - an attractive but not showy piece.

The stone is ethereal in quality. White and almost Quartz like out of the sun but under sunlight has his electric violet blue shimmer.

Finally, the fit was true to size and Monica  Vinedar's customer service was second to none. The packaging is stunning, coming with a cushioned box, box, care instructions and embossed tissue paper. Another league of luxe. 

The thing that really made their customer service amazing was that when my husband unknowingly threw out the box and packaging the care team at Monica Vinedar sent me a new one at no charge.
Now that is service. 

A special gift and an amazing brand. 



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