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Getting Fit with Fabletics

Sunday, 31 May 2015

So it finally occurred to me as I approach the big 30 that it may now be time to start a proper exercise habit/regime thingymajig.

It hasn't always been this way, I haven't always been adverse to physical activity, in my late teens early twenties I was quite the gym bunny, with my LA Fitness membership and thrice weekly schedule, but then I went to Uni and perfected my wine and sofa surfing lifestyle to a tee and other than the odd squash session with my other half I rarely dusted off my Reeboks.

However, with my impeding adulthood approaching it is time for me to consider fitness seriously, spurred on by my entry to race for life I have decided it's time to buy some proper sports wear and start jogging :)

So to get me started I have bought this amazing 3 piece running set by fabletics.co.uk which was on an introductory offer of £26 including P&P - amazing.

Now, I was prepared for the quality to be so so but genuinely, the fabric, finish and presentation could easily rival the big brands that I have explored. So, I highly recommend and I believe their introductory awesome offer of a full outfit for £22 including P&P install available - so hurry!

As I made such a saving on the kit I thought had best invest in some new trainers so opted for the a pair of Nike Core Motion trainers as these fitted the best and weren't as bulky as my previous pair (with running in mind).

So here I am all kitted out, I have started slowly but I am enjoying it. Little and often, slowly but surely. You will make a Paula Radcliffe of me yet ;)



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