Fera @ Claridges

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Big Man's birthday always centres around a gastronomic feast. My husband truly sums up the saying 'A mans heart is through his belly' he adores good food and loves a bonny celebration. 

So with this in mind, I made a few suggestions but as is typical we tend to come back to his favourite, Claridges.

Claridges is expensive, however they offer an amazing set menu which as a special treat makes it affordable and special without having to remortgage your house.

We have been to Claridges twice previously when the restaurant was under Gordan Ramsey. It was gorgeous and very traditional so Fera came as quite a surprise...

Fera is Latin for wild, which my husband said was appropriate for me a little in joke I am yet to shake...

The dining room first hits you as being modern, atmospheric and almost theatrical in a natural non pompous way.

The service is discreet, patient and warm with them gauging perfectly when to hover and when you are in deep conversation. Thoughtfully they also gave my husband a signed card which was a fab touch. 

The food of course was stunning.

All of the ingredients are of the season and are cooked/ prepared to draw the best taste and texture from them.

The flavours were rich and decadent but playful and exciting too which is what makes fine dining such an experience.

I thought I'd best make an effort ;) so I threw on my Dani dress from French Connection and some cream courts. 
I even flicked on some Art Deco eyeliner for good measure ;)

All in all a perfect day, a good friend recently said "things are meaningless, memories are everything" and based on this trip I see exactly what he means.



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