Bleach : Silver Shampoo

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Hey Peeps,

I think I may have found the holy grail silver shampoo for genuinely white non brassy blonde hair.

Bleach London produce an array of experimental hair products that tint, tone and add colour and imagination to your hair. However, although I am all for pink hair I just wanted to keep my hair the same shade produced as the result of two hours in the salon.

Along came Bleach silver shampoo which caught my eye in a big Boots. Alike to every other 'silver shampoo' it is Cadbury purple and highly pigmented but on use there is something about this product that produces better results - somehow the tone affects and sticks to the hair far better than anything else I have used. Anyway I'll let you see from the photos the impact it has made.

The fun part of the shampoo shades is the longer you leave on the deeper the shade, 2 mins and I am back to Scandinavian blonde, 5 mins I get a silver sheen and 10 mins is full on lilac ( which oddly my husband liked) all with the reassurance that I know with another standard wash I'll be back to blonde. 

I am not sure my workplace would be so keen on 'Lilac My Little Pony' me but perhaps one day I will brave it x

Seriously though, best £6 on a hair product I have ever spent my lovelies x


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