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Friday, 10 April 2015


It's been almost three weeks and I haven't written a post, there are several reasons for this, busy as always with work and life and genuinely questioning why I blog and if it fits with where I am going and who I am today.

So I started the blog just after I had my little boy, as a frivolous pretty place where I could indulge in beautiful things and share them with like minded people. It worked and it is so fun but I have had days when I cringe that I had the web link on my Linkedin, guilty that I felt embarrassed, concerned people wouldn't take me seriously ('A project manager - with a perchance for lipstick and pure frivolity') but aware that this little place was valuable to me.

As I approach 30, I have realised that I have changed and therefore this little space needs to change with me. I am more content, more ambitious and have an ever expanding list of interests that need this space to evolve and become more than just a lipstick lovers haven (although that is still a significant interest of mine).

How I see this space evolving and what I want to include,
  • I am acutely aware of the way women today have to juggle their personal and professional persona, I want to explore that more; image, careers, juggling roles...
  • Culture and travel, as my little chap is now three as a family we would like to travel more this space will act as a travel journal but also share and document our favourite spaces and places.
  • Architecture and art,  I love design whether that be buildings and spaces or art in other forms so it makes sense to include inspiring ideas and images here too.
  • Lipstick of course, to be honest, I only really like lipstick beyond that please see other beauty bloggers as I am non plus really about eyeshadow etc..
  • Image heavy, waffling on is all very well but I believe an image can save a hundred words and tell a story in a heart beat so vibrant and image rich is where I am headed. 
So why keep the space, I love to write, share and document. I love social media and the community that brings. I still love fashion and fondant fancies, so no need to change the name just wanted to take a new direction with a broader richer feel.

Much love 



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