Accessorize : Tutti Fruity Shopper

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Bags, shoes and lipsticks are my true weakness and sunny weather gives me a whole new excuse to buy a summer bag that is more frivolous and fun that doesn't need to be hard wearing and practical which I reserve for work (another post coming up on that).

So when I saw this cute offering from Accessorize I was thrilled. Typically, I don't normally buy fabric bags as they don't tend to wear as well and I not sure they are worth the money - however, this doll was only £15 in the sale and well that  sold it. Perfect for the beach, shopping and generally milling around, the design is fresh and functional complete with internal zip and popper fastening. You also get the adorable little watermelon slice purse which you can't really stow more than a lipstick - but it is sweet all the the same.

So a great summer bag, it must be great as my sister and I both have one without any conferring,a really cute choice and a fab practical buy.

£15 at Accessorize 

Lots of love



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