Pear Massage bar LUSH!

Monday, 16 March 2015

I love Lush body massage bars, they smell so delicious it takes a while for me to use them as they the scent in the bathroom so gorgeously and they are so pretty they tend to be as much a decoration as a body product!

Anyway Lush have truly outdone themselves this time, the Pearl bar is so pretty with pink flecks running through the milky creamy bar.

The Pearl bar is perfect for spring, made from Argan oil, Rose oil and Absolute. The pretty pink floral like feature is made from Sago bubbles which give the rose blossom quality and help massage the skin.

As with all Lush products, this product is incredibly rich so I tend to only use particularly massage bars on my limbs as sensitive skin can sometimes find the powerful natural products a little much. 

This is a really decadent little treat at just shy of £6 but it is so pretty it is hard to resist...


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