Rosie for Autograph

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Hey Peeps,

New fragrance alert! Gorgeous packaging and a fresh, floral scent for £14 the new Rosie for Autograph by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a perfect everyday scent that I specifically bought with work in mind.

I personally love and prefer musky almost masculine scents as I find them generally more appealing and romantic but for work obviously I want something feminine, light and not too heady - this is perfect.

The bottle is cute and I like the motif - obviously a rose which fits perfectly with the name and the creator. The design is also perfect for chucking in your work bag when you are on the go but fancy a little spray during the day.

The scent itself I personally don't think smells that much of roses which is oddly why I like it as the smell of rose based products I often find too girly and dare I say twee. This fragrance packs quite a punch, floral but clean and modern - it also lasts well and holds its full scent as wears off.

Overall a fab buy and another string to Mrs HW's bow.



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