Lipstick Queen: Chinatown and Red

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Hey Peeps,

Lipstick Queen is my favourite brand of lipstick. I have loved every innovative product I have tested and love the branding and styling. 

The two products I have included today are a traditional lip liner and lip crayon in vibrant shades of red. 

The aptly named 'Red' lip liner is practically indelible and gives such a precision line I wondered why I'd never bothered with red lip liner before. The gorgeously punchy packaging also includes a sharpener making this a cute and practical buy.

The lip crayon in 'Chinatown' I approached with caution having noted the vibrancy of the lip liner. However, this product was more sheer, with a waxy smooth finish that can be built up for a glossy sheen. I liked this muchly and felt although red was completely wearable and gave a lovely 'snow white' tinted lip colour that looked natural and not at all OTT.

Top - Chinatown lip crayon
Bottom: Red lip liner

And with this weather we could all do with a bit of colour!




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