Peace, Pressies and...Bras!

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Happy post Christmas lull folks, I hope you had an awesome one.
I personally had a great one, lots of pigs in blankets, pressies and pyjama lounging (which I have perfected).

However, there was one standout feature that made this Christmas possibly the best Christmas I have had in ages. And that was peace.

I come from quite a fragmented modern family and this year something beautiful happened. Ex partners and family gathered in the kitchen for mince pies, three grandads piled onto the floor to play Hot Wheels and I enjoyed tea and tales with all my step mums and honorary aunts. It was nothing short of glorious to experience peace and genuine 'goodwill to all men'. 
Before Christmas, a few things weighed on my mind as I swung my legs on my Auntie's work top eating tea cakes.

'I'm too idealistic and light hearted' I said 
'There is nothing negative about that my darling' my Aunt said. 'The world needs more kindness and Joy'
'What do you do about the cynical negative people in life' I said. 'You show them twice as much love and kindness' she said. 'They need it most'. 

So this year, I'm going to love more, greater and farther. 

This is my New Years resolution - oh and to remember everyone's birthday and wear matching underwear (because that's what you do when your 30).

Oh and in other news I bought a new bra...this one by Elle Macpherson AND it comes with matching pants.

Oh and these silly glasses for New Years with my family :) beautiful bargain at JL :)

Lots of love


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