Chocolate...Hotel Chocolat

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Hey Peeps,

Today I want to talk chocolate!

I am one of those fortunate people that don't really like chocolate or ice cream or anything particularly sweet - I know I am a disgrace to the female specie. I have more of a taste for sausages, crisps and other dirty snacks but that's another story...(I am the inventor of Dirty Food Friday and have been known to order Chinese lunch to work...)

Anyway my dear grandmother knows my only sweet weakness...Hotel Chocolat champagne truffles. 

So when in the post arrived these novelty Oyster and Champagne truffles I actually hid them. Yes, that's right I hid them from the boys in my life, as I know that even a whiff of chocs results in them snuffling up before I get a chance!

The thing about Hotel Chocolat is the chocolate tastes amazing and as you'd never buy them for yourself they are a real treat. In the New Year they always have an awesome sale if you were thinking of gifting yourself to get through January...




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