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The Whistling Duck Champagne and Sparkling Wine Evening

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Hey Peeps,

Last night I was very lucky to be invited to an intimate champagne and sparkling wine evening at The Whistling Duck, which is situated just on the edge of Hertford.

On driving up to the restaurant I couldn't help but think how pretty the entrance was and how had I lived in Hertford for all these years and never noticed it before.

On entering, the restaurant and bar I immediately noticed the friendly and inviting atmosphere with the staff guiding us effortlessly from the cloakroom to the bar.

The restaurant is known for its a la carte menu and exclusive wine list but I was impressed by how unpretentious and hearty the restaurant is - equally excited by their introduction of a new grill menu...

Anyway, back to the champagne and sparkling wine, the event was led by Hallgarten Druitt and Novum Wines who had selected and presented to us six different varieties of champagne and sparkling wine which were exclusive to the trade.

I have to say all of the bubbles were delicious but what stood out most for me was the way the event was run. Firstly, all of the guests were immediately set at ease, with the experts defining from the start that there are no 'rules' to how you should drink wine 'with a splash of coke or ice cubes' if it enhances you experience and enjoyment - enjoy! I thought that was a brilliant touch, since meeting my husband I now know a fair amount about wine and can tell you the difference between a Malbec and a Pinot Noir but I like Babycham equally well and I  hate the snobbery that surrounds wine.

My favourite Champagne was a Rose variety and tasted of strawberries - very scrummy!


So the evening was a roaring success with us tasting, smelling and even hearing bubbles whilst nibbling on delicious themed canapés that complimented the drinks on show.
We learned about the traditional french farmers that have such passion for their vines they tend to them by hand, through to the farmers that use the lunar cycle to create their bioversity champagne.

The group laughed and chatted with the experts, as well as the lovely restaurant owner Russell whose genuine love for wine and engaging personality really brought the group together.

I came away with a richer knowledge around wine, new friends and definitely a new restaurant that we will certainly be returning to.

Find out more at www.thewhistlingduck.co.uk 




P.s obviously this was a leather trouser and patent pump occasion...(felt guilty not including any fashion item in today's post!)

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