The Facebook Folly

Sunday, 5 October 2014

I think everyone has questioned their relationship with the world of Facebook. Whether it be how Facebook can eat into your productive time but also the depth of the relationships you have on Facebook I had always dismissed articles on this social media site, thinking 'its just a bit of fun'.

 Until in one week, it wasn't so fun anymore, an old school Facebook friend blanked me in town, I hadn't seen her in years - did she even recognise me - but she was my Facebook friend? Ohhh. 

Then a close friend from college also a Facebook friend got married - again I hadn't seen her in years and yet here were all her wedding pictures. I felt like I had gate crashed her wedding and I felt sad our friendship hadn't lasted the course.

Old flames got married, had children and I felt like this magic mirror was a view into my past happy or sad but had no bearing on my present. My present, a place in reality where most of the people I love and spend time with aren't even on Facebook.

So today I sat down and cheerfully 'Unfriended' my past, I was practically waving good bye, Bon voyage as I went through each person I hadn't spoken to in the past 18 months. So, now I have realigned both worlds I am feeling both feet are firmly in today.

Lots of love,



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