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Friday, 10 October 2014

London Fashion Week may be a distant memory but thanks to the amazing advancement in technology for the first time it wasn't only top designers, celebrities and journalists that were able to enjoy and experience the creativity of the amazing brands that exhibited. 

Not only are so many shows across all of our favourite capital cities now available across the web (you can find all of the highlights for LFW here), often streamed live as the models hit the runway but now even more excitingly everyone can access the designs and find similar styles with the latest developments with app technology.

Cortexica a company based at Imperial College London, houses and creates some of the most creative and
lifestyle enhancing technology through their visual search product; findSimilar. findSimilar is a software which makes images shopable, and they have worked with a new app called Style Thief to let you snap a photo of any fashion item, and find similar. If you would like out more about the technology involved please go to

Style Thief is a fashion and lifestyle app that helps you find your most desired fashion items that you may have spotted on the FROW, out on the high street or in a magazine. All you have to do is take a simple snap and let the fashion finder take over in sourcing your lustworthy items.

Style Thief was launched by the beautiful Kate Bosworth, who I certainly hold as a style icon, on discussing the app Kate says 'Everyone has fashion envy...Everyone can relate to that feeling of looking at an editorial, for example — or a friend, or the runway, for that matter — wanting to steal something exactly as you’re seeing it, or something similar.”
Not that I can imagine Kate ever having fashion envy, it is good to see her understanding our plight!

Kate Bosworth 

So let me give you a scenario, your scanning through a magazine and you see an outfit that you would love to have hanging in your wardrobe but there is no credit to the items *Sad face*. Instantly you remember you have Style Thief on your phone!  This app enables you to take a photo of the items or whole style and then the app will search to find you the items or similar products to match the image.

Find the perfect party dress by text...

Or straight from the runway...

Or flicking through a magazine...

Think how much time this app could save and also those awkward moments tapping on a strangers shoulder and asking 'Sorry, but where did you get that gorgeous jumper/shirt/bag/hat...'

The only negative impact could potentially be on your bank balance...

You can find out more about Style Thief here

Lots of love



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