Space NK Trends Competition

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Hey Peeps,

I have some pretty amazing news! But, before I tell you let me tell you the lead up...

So a few weeks ago there were two pretty mega beauty and fashion events, Vogue Fashion Night Out and The Anthology Space NK event across all stores. I was completely excited about both and was hoping to pop along to take part.

Anyhow, that week turned out to be the week from hell. A three hour traffic jam one night, an unsettled little boy and an exhausted and frazzled me saw me racing home every night to reassure and recouporate. 

I'll be honest I was pretty sad. I know I am blessed but sometimes responsibility and trying to wear lots of hats can take its toll.

But then something wonderful happened. I was coming back from a meeting in Canary Wharf on the Friday and spied Space NK, I popped in and picked up the New York Look Book and raced for the train.

I caught sight in the front cover a competition to win £1000 of Space NK products and all I had to do was take a picture of one of the trends featured.

So I did, but then I thought what if I added a little drawing, then I could use the image on here and on Instagram to capture the trend and how I would create.

So on my way home I dashed to the craft shop. In my black work suit. Mothers and school children looked at me perplexed as I sought black sugar paper to complete my image. Once home, I lay on the floor, suit jacket slung on the sofa and begun to draw...

Once I had finished I submitted it and just quietly hoped mine would be picked randomly.

And guess what! It was!!!!

So I now have a £1000 of Space NK sat on my bed.

A prize , every day girls like me could only dream of.

Sometimes just sometimes it feels like these things happen for a reason.

But for now peeps I'm off to squeal just a little bit more...

Thanks so much Space NK!!! Truly chuffed.

Lots of love,



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