Eve Lom : Simple As Skincare Should Be

Monday, 27 October 2014

Hey Lovelies,

I know what you are thinking, I win all those mega goodies from Space Nk and then don't tell you about them all...

Well some were too delicious but not right for me so I have stashed them for friends and family to have and the rest I shall share with you over the forthcoming weeks.

First off, my most used product so far, the Eve Lom face moisturiser. 

This product works. On first application I was a bit concerned it felt unlike any other moisturiser I had ever used before. It has a natural and slightly botanical fragrance with the consistency of melted wax that needs to gently sink into the skin once warmed on the fingertips . It does sink in beautifully and gives a fab base for my tinted moisturiser (this girl is still to lazy for primer).

I adore the packaging in its glossy white finish and subtle gold writing. If I were to design beauty packaging this is what I would go for.

My skin feels supple and nourished, even after 40 hours in London and 8 hours driving a week with aircon in this horrid wintery weather! So this must have some welly! 

Eve Lom Day Cream can typically be bought for £40 but I have just spied for £34 and I shall certainly be buying again!



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