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Touch of Silver Shampoo

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Hey lovelies,

I hope you are all fab and September hadn't hit too hard.

I have returned from holiday refreshed but straight into a very busy time at work so it is certainly all systems go!

The main challenge on returning home wasn't all the laundry, although that was a feat but my lush blonde hair.
Pre holiday blonde :)

 Sadly, it was no longer lush or white blonde as it had been when I had boarded the holiday happy plane. Due to all the sun and sea and although I had used all the hair protection products I could find in Boots it had turned a little yellow.

Literally, the following day after we returned I headed down to boots and bought the Pro:voke Touch of Silver shampoo for grey, white and platinum blonde hair. I already had the conditioner from the same range and although not potent in toning it certainly left my hair soft and manageable.

The shampoo is a different story. It is literally the colour of ink and particularly runny in consistency. This product works. I used the shampoo twice and conditioned and then used again the following day just the once.

To be honest that third wash was excessive and it looked a little lilac when dried but if that's your desired effect go for it! 

As you can see below, (sorry for the quick photo and lack of make up) my lovely hair is back to platinum and I am a very happy girl!

 Lots of love



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