Benefit Majorette : Cream Blush

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Promotional image from Benefit Majorette product launch and advertising 

So, as I pottered around St Albans yesterday enjoying the last of the summer sun I had to pop into Benefit to do a quick swatch of the new Majorette cream blush.

You know how much I love cream blush, with my dry, pale skin cream blush can make me go from zombie to fresh as a daisy in my five minute morning make up routine. If I lost my Kevyn Aucoin cream blush I would possibly cry.

So my views are in on Majorette...over priced with a powdery texture and limited colour.

Don't get me wrong the product is ok, for normal skin it would certainly be fine and on very fair skin the shade would be perky but the shade and formula in my opinion is limited.

I also feel that the £23.50 price tag is outrageous and primarily this pays for the swanky (if a touch large) packaging and concept rather than the actual product.

If you are looking for a dupe the Bourjois cream blush in shade two is £7.99 at Boots and is dare I say identical and less than half the price....

Sorry Benefit, style over substance is the key issue with this release.



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