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That Summer Glow : Fake Tan

Friday, 22 August 2014

It's like the holy grail the long hard search and adventure of trying to achieve that just stepped off a plane glow...

So to save you some time here are all of the products I have recently tried. I know, an impressive collection!

Before I start and to give you an accurate comparison I am very fair skinned with a sprinkle of freckles, so tanning is tricky at the best of times!

No7 Gradual Face Tan SPF 15

The No7 Face Tan to be honest is not that great. I found it to be incredibly drying and didn't give me a golden glow at all if anything it was decidedly patchy at best!

Palmers Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze Moisturiser

This is fab and incredibly rich but to be honest after a while I find the cocoa butter sent sickly which can be off putting if you are using daily. However, it does give a lovely rich glow and is lovely and moisturising. You will have to buff this well into the skin as it can streak if haphazardly applied.

Garnier Summer Body Gradual Body Tan

This has been a product I have continually gone back to and was one of the first on the market. It does give a great gradual mellow tan and is great used throughout the year. I do find it quite drying so I do tend to team this with my Jason moisturiser which is a gorge moisturiser available at Holland and Barratt.

St Tropaz Everyday Body Moisturer Light/Medium

This is a cult product and deserves its status, reliably good but slightly more expensive than the others. I also love the fresh sent and gradual glow this product gives.

Loreal Summer Glow Lotion

This was an emergency buy this summer that I bought when I realised I hadn't packed my St Tropaz. It is SUPER FAB I absolutely love it. Better value than St Tropaz, improved gradual tan than Garnier and truly limited streaking. I shall certainly be buying again. 

St Moriz Instant Face Tan

This came in very handy at the start of the summer when I was feeling decidedly pale. A  golden face creating instant tan that you can apply under/over/ added to your foundation. I have also applied to my body moisturiser to give me an extra glow. I can also vouch for it not transferring once applied which saves on any awkward kissing/hugging moments - nothing more embarrassing than transferring tan onto someone's shirt/face/jacket etc...
The only issue is the shade is quite dark so use sparingly and really blend well.

I really hope this helped and has given you an insight into the current high street tan offering!

Lots of love



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