Ambre Solaire BB Cream SPF 50

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Hey All,

Look what I found! Ambre Solaire's new SPF 50 BB Cream. I had been seriously doing so research into face sun cream and desperately wanted something with a tint as typical sunscreen can leave me looking a bit pale and peaky.

The only two face creams I could find with this high a factor was this product and several from the La Roche Posay range but the Ambre Solaire was on an introductory offer at £8 so it was hard to resist.

On squeezing this onto my finger I got quite nervous - it appeared dark and a little tangerine like.

However, on application it appears translucent and really does leave the skin feeling moisturised, there was enough pigment for a healthy glow but it wasn't too tangy!

I did have to buff in well around my jawline and neck as this is obviously the palest area on my face but the finish was good and a great base for my bronzer.

Normally applying bronzer over foundation I can look a little cakey and I worry that I might look like an extra from Madame Tussards but thanks to this product being quite sheer I gained colour and kept my freckles - win win!

Healthy glow...

So for £8 I am very happy and shall certainly be taking this on my holibobs!

Lots of Love



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