Would you wear white to a wedding?

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Hey Pretty Peeps,

I have recently been chatting to the Carolyn at lover.ly on the hot topic of the season - should you or can you wear white to a wedding IF you are not the bride?

Tricky huh? Hmmm me personally I feel it is a bit of a no go zone to be honest, but then if you think about it you shouldn't really wear red  - to vampy, black in mourning or green - unlucky....so that leaves you with blue or dare I say yellow but that can be a nightmare on the complexion if you are pale like me...

What a predicament. I suppose the best thing is to be led by the bride and see how she feels about the shade. Also, it ultimately depends on the type of wedding so if completely traditional meringue territory I wouldn't even ask but if it is a more laid back affair on a beach, in a Tipi or some imaginative but untraditional setting it might be completely fine.

I think beyond white though length also needs to be considered i.e. a white maxi dress would be completely Miss Havisham and could leave you and your plus one feeling quite awkward - imagine if people genuinely got confused and thought you were the bride OR if your boyfriend thought it was some bizarre hint about marriage. AWKWARD.

So, in summary I think best to ask the bride her views on wearing white to a wedding as at the end of the day it is her day and she should be the main focus. You also want to look great in the wedding photos for all the right reasons not for being ' the other girl in a white dress'.

Ok ok, here is a beautiful white dress that I would love and as I am already married I think I shall save for another happy event :)
This dress can be found on the Lover.ly website. 

Now the next debate is surely is the fascinator now a complete fashion faux pas? 

Lots of love,



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