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Thursday, 26 June 2014


Today I want to talk Yoga - I know me, talk about yoga funny huh.

 I am not sporty, I am not athletic and I have only joined a gym on two occasions - once when I fancied a fitness trainer and secondly because I fancied having access to a Jacuzzi and pool....

However, as I turned 29 I realised two things, 1, I need to learn to unwind and 2, this is gentlest form of exercise I can see that requires no coordination and it's about time I get on the fitness boat.

So, I bought the Barbara Currie '7 Secrets of Yoga' DVD not because I had seen any good reviews particularly but because the cover looked like a bad 80s aerobic video and I thought if I hated the yoga at least it might make me laugh.

Anyway, I was really surprised, I have been struggling a little with stress which I hadn't realised had left me so tense and after the first 10 minute beginner session I was really starting to enjoy the relaxing positions and my shoulders slowly started to slacken.

By the end, I was gentling pushing myself to try the more intermediate positions and realised I was watching intently to Babs.

The positions were accessible but challenging with levels for varying abilities. Babs is lovely and importantly not condescending - which is key I feel.

Also, all of the woman demonstrating the positions are average size which made me feel less intimidated. I also loved how Babs highlighted how they had all had children so they understand how the female body changes and the positive impact yoga could make.

Yes, the work out leotards still make me smirk a little...but I have to say I will definitely be starting my day with the '10 minute miracle' and I'll report back on my progress!

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