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Summer Nights

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Hey Lovelies,

I thought today I would talk sleep. 

I use to sleep like a baby, I could sleep anywhere on pretty much anything and then something changed in January and suddenly I was tossing and turning till 2am.

So, I have tried cutting out caffeine, IT usage an hour before bed, taking magnesium and I think all of these things have helped. I do feel however the biggest thing I have changed is my night time routine.

I have returned to warm baths and a good book with some of the products below and I have to say am now sleeping   soundly once more.

Clarins Tonic Bath and Shower:

As described by Clarins :)

'A pleasure for the senses and a toning treat for the skin. Scents of rosemary, rosewood, mint and geranium and a wonderfully gentle, soft foam' 

This tonic has a pleasant oil based lather which feels comforting and decadent. The oils are fragrant but not overpowering and really sooth the senses.

Lush Massage Body Bar : Each Peach

I am addicted to these rich enveloping massage bars. 

This bar is made from citrus oils : lime, sweet wild orange, mandarin and grapefruit - so very fruity! Lush state that this is best used in the morning but I could use all day thanks to its pretty scent.

Here is the last book I read also and my step mum is right a light hearted story certainly helps the mind to relax and drift off. As I read a lot of education based material during the day I love light hearted fiction. I found 'The House By The Sea' by Santa Montefiore a sweet read if a tad predictable but bed time is no time for suspense or thrillers!

How do you guys unwind before bed?

Have you tried any bedtime beauty products?




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