Monday, 2 June 2014

Hey Pretty Peeps!

So I skipped to the hairdressers as I always do, looking forward to my date with Holly - it's been going really well and I have been in a faithful relationship with Holly my hairdresser at Maxim Porcaro for 6 months. This for me is rare, but I have realised the secret to her fab service.

A. She hasn't got sloppy and this so often happens when you go to a regular hairdresser, slowly they start to get a bit lax especially with highlights and then they start telling you how you should have your hair...

B. She gets bleach blonde, she understands the peril of a bad toner, she knows how to create icy blonde and banish yellow tones. She showed me how to create lilac hair for the weekend...

C. She always adds a few extra highlights under my pony tail when I have a half head to disguise roots when I wear my hair up...she truly is a gals best friend.

As it is summer and my long hair was starting to drag I decided to go for a real chop and thought I might give wavy hair a try...

And then I rediscovered the Bleach app and basically had a field day...it fitted the theme!

Check out the bleach app, it is pure silliness and fab for sending pic messages...

Lots of love


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