The not so pretty little chiffon dress...

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Hey Pretty Peeps,

I have noticed that most reviews I read particularly around fashion are really complimentary, 'look at these fab shoes!' ,'gorgeous peplum', 'so on trend' and so rarely 'shoddy cut, crap finish and I looked like a street walker...' So I thought I must tell you about my recent experience in Topshop.

I have never got particularly excited by the Kate Moss collections, typically because they are quite bohemian and the range just isn't to my taste.

However, in a recent magazine I saw this stunning chiffon yellow 50s style sundress and I thought how pretty and perfect it would be for forthcoming weddings etc Kate Moss I thought 'you have really out done yourself'..

So hubby and I braved the Oxford Street store and I found said dress and it looked so perfect, it is this fab shade of bright, crisp lemon yellow and the fabric and finish was fine (although overlocked lazily on the hem which is a bit cheap).

I should have read the husband's face, he  didn't look convinced, but I did what all good woman do and ignored him and headed for the fitting room.

Well, I don't quite know where to start, the one shoulder feature made me look like I had a rugby shoulder and a lop sided breast, the bodice was so high it felt like my chest had been bound as if to be a boy and the skirt kicked out under my ribs and looked like a gym skirt...The bow, I don't know if this was to distract from the eye sore of the dress, hung lifelessly from my hip almost apologetically saying 'sorry you look so sh*t'.

So back to the drawing board Kate Moss collection. Is it me? Do I have a disproportionate body with one hulk shoulder or have the Moss team not paid attention when scaling up the designs? Are these designs only for supermodels and if so what about us every day girls? Should we just stick to the accessory line....




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