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Sun! St Tropez, ASOS

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Hey Pretty Peeps,

I am writing this sunning myself, so enjoying the warmth and blue skies!

So in digging through my summer wardrobe I have realised wearing said items requires bearing my limbs eek!

So here is what I have used this week to start the prep St Tropez gradual tan which is a white easy to apply cream which is perfect for really fair skin and I can vouch for it being the least patchy tan I have ever used.

I have also been using with the new Neutrogena Body Balm with Nordic Berries... I am not sure where the Nordic berry element comes in as it smells just like cucumber but the formula is light and fresh so perfect for the summer. It is also effective so you could argue that is the main thing! I quite like the scent as it is not overbearing but as I say smells like cucumber...summer salad anyone?!

I have also started picking up the odd bikini :) this ASOS number, tropical and complete with parrots was such good value - they currently have 60% off swimwear so definitely check out!

Because everyone needs a bikini with a parrot on.



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