Revlon Scented Nail Varnish: China Flower

Friday, 2 May 2014

Hey Pretty Peeps!

Happy May!! Woohoo Summer is almost here!!

Now is the time of year that I really rock out with the nail varnish, watermelon colour toes, neon finger nails I am all about the colour! Not matching which upsets Mr Bailey greatly ;) 

So when I saw that Revlon had bought out scented nail varnish, I was transported back to being thirteen and collecting Stargazer nail varnishes thrilled by their acrid and sickly scents...I simply had to buy one so I settled on China Flower a tangy red, orange with a slight coral tone.

My sister first recommended Revlon to me for their long lasting, hard wearing formula (pure awesomeness). She knows her stuff, so if she recommends a product it is always fab. So with this in mind and with a happy little Revlon collection (Cherries in the Snow is my favourite shade in the whole world) building up I thought this would be a great new addition.

Sadly not so, the shade is lovely but nothing new or exciting really and it smells of...nail polish. 
I waited and waited and waited no mystical smell of the orient. So disappointed, all those teen dreams dashed. 

So if you need a new red go ahead but otherwise don't waste your pennies.

Lots of love


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