The Mothers That Made Me

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Hey Pretty Peeps,

They say that it takes a community to raise a child, well in my case that is certainly true. This post is dedicated to the women that made me who I am and what they taught me...

How to be a mother - my mum

My mum sadly died when I was 12 but in those short precious years she created the core that is me. My mum was not a typical mum she drove a GTI, wore driving gloves and Ray Bans most of the year. She oozed cool but that kind of approachable cool that meant that she was always surrounded by people. I was and am still in awe of her. She gave me so many things courage, confidence and obviously love but the one thing that I value now is her take on motherhood.
Mum had a career, she was still a woman in her own right as well as being a superb mum. She had her own style, kept bleaching her hair and wore a leather jacket - no Boden for her...and shock horror sometimes I ate pop tarts, BUT I was loved and grew into a confident woman. So in a nutshell be a mother YOUR way and stay you.

Empathy - Crumbles my step mum

When my mum passed away I went to live with my dad who had remarried. My step mum Caz is the antithesis of the step mums in the fairy tales. When I moved in she kept my mum's wedding dress in her closet to keep it safe. Do you know anyone that kind?
She is the most empathetic, unassuming woman I have ever met and has always loved me like one of her own. 

How to Love - Auntie Wurly

When I was 21 I walked out of a job, a house, broke up with my first love and left London. I showed up with my tail between my legs on my Auntie Wurly's doorstep and she put me back together. She just loved me absolutely and completely, even when I was snappy and didn't want to talk. She didn't judge, there were no 'I told you so' chats just lots of chocolate digestives available I recall....I'll never forget how she also use to suggest outfits for me to wear on dates with my now husband. She has always been right behind me watching my step.

There are so many other amazing woman in my life my Nana, Auntie Jo, my mother in law but sadly I am limited space wise, so here are a few piccies of these special ladies. I love you all very much.

My Nana
My Auntie Jo
My mother in law

So Happy Mothers Day to all mothers out there, but also to all the women that support, encourage and nurture others. You are worth your weight in gold.

Lots of love,



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