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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Hey Pretty Peeps,

Lip balm and face moisturiser

Ok so big confession - I hit the Creme De La Mer already...bad mummy tsk tsk....

So I started the cleansing routine five days ago. I would love to tell you it is all hype, I would love to tell you Nivea is a dupe and these products are completely 'Emperors New Clothes' but sadly I cannot.

These products are wonderful, my skin has recently been tired, sallow and dry to the point at times I thought it looked coarse. I am prone to the odd break, have visible pores and overly sensitive skin which is not helped by working in the city. I have tried probably every sensitive skin targeted product in the book and have typically stayed with Avene products to date. So when I had the opportunity to try Creme De La Mer who could possibly say no.

The cleansing facial wash is gentle but powerful, not overly fragranced like some of the luxe brands and not astringent like some of the high street products.

It still left my skin feeling clean, refreshed and cool but gave my skin a little more than the products I have used previously.

The Creme De La Mer moisturiser, true does have the same consistency as the Nivea original cream but that truly is where the similarity stops. There is no oil in Creme De La Mer products so the product is fully absorbed into the skin, leaving a nourished glowing finish rather than a slick oily layer. I have also not had any break outs from using a heavier product but my skin feels more supple and looks visibly less lined and dry. 

The eye cream is lighter than the face moisturiser but equally rich. It certainly has a smoothing and plumping effect but for the £130 price tag I would personally stick with Dr Murad.

The balm is a solid waxy pot of the 'Miracle Broth' which is apparently at the core of what makes the product so impressive. A concoction of sea minerals and extracts that improved the burns and scares that the scientist behind Creme De La Mer suffered during a laboratory accident. 

I have used the balm on my lips and also around my nose after a dreadful cold and found it both nourishing and restoring for dry skin. It is of course ridiculously expensive for a lip balm so I cannot justify purchasing again.

This brings me neatly to the fragrance of Creme De La Mer, it does not smell anything like the sea - as the name may suggest and bearing in mind it's ingredients. The scent is natural and slightly floral but is certainly not heavily perfumed which can be off putting.

So, is it worth the price is true that a little goes a long way but still £100+ is a lot of money for a beauty routine. I am considering swapping back in my Avene cleanser and sticking with just the facial moisturiser (christmas and birthday present for the rest of my life).That is the problem with trialling a high end product - there is always that risk you will fall in love...
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