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Valentines Day

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Hey Pretty Peeps,

Yes, that commercial day of joy or hell depending on which side of the fence you are on is on the approach. Valentines Day.

I am not anti Valentines Day but I can hear the point of the protest 'You should make the person you love feel special every day!' but let's all face it when you have done a 12 hour day, loaded the laundry, made the dinner, loaded the dishwasher and sat on the sofa -  stroking your loved ones face and declaring your undying passion may not always be where your head is at. So all idealisms aside Valentines Day is a great way to do something a bit special for someone you love.

In the past with boyfriends I may have dropped them the odd hint but to be honest it kind of ruins it really because the gesture is meant to be from them, the thought, the meaning etc so make it a surprise peeps :)

It's really funny because the Valentines Day I remember the most wasn't one that involved big gifts, fancy meals or a view from the Shard (but of course these are lovely). It was about 4 years ago now when my now husband and I had literally no money to buy anything. We were desperately saving up to pay off a loan to go towards a deposit for our now house and it was tough. On Valentines Day my husband gave me a card and two love bug cupcakes which we sat in bed and ate together. In our bed. Saving for our home. One plan. One Love.  Small gestures are worth more sometimes than big gifts.

So to be honest lovelies if you are on a limited income, love notes in lunch boxes with promises of naughtiness later will work wonders, or you could send a helium ballon to their office www.balloonmonkey.co.uk ( I sent a walking helium pug to Barclays bank - enjoyed by all) basically make it personal.

 If you do sadly receive garage flowers try to think that when they stopped off at the service station they were thinking of you and at least it isn't a bottle of anti freeze - so many underlying messages.....

Now if we are about sending ourselves some gifts with Valentines Day in mind, I seriously recommend these....

Bobbi Brown's whole new pink collection is gorgeous...beyond the big V Day...
Lush's Big Love Box...for one or two in the tub
Meet the mother dress...very cute from Ted Baker

Holiday vibes - Valentine what? River Island
Pretty Pink bag Ted Baker 

For a little to 'the one I love' self gifting :)

Happy Valentine Planning lovelies xx



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