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Monday, 10 February 2014

Hey Pretty Peeps,

As you may have gathered I am no beauty expert but I simply love make up and being pampered. I am always intrigued by new products and ways of enhancing my appearance naturally.

This last week I have noticed how pale and dolly like I have been looking and no amount of blusher or highlighter was helping - if anything I could have been an extra in Punch and Judy with the ruddy cheeks I was rocking.

So with all this contouring hype around I thought 'What can this technique really do?'.

I purchased the Crown contour palette because being as pale as I am no 'average' 3 shades were going to work on my pallor so this set was brilliant and the range of shades and consistency is superb. 

Now before I go any further the key things I found were :

1. Remember your face shape - this is an enhancing not altering method.
2. Blend, blend, blend to look natural - this needs to be wearable!
3. Less is more, you can add/build up areas so go lightly.

My key areas of focus were to give my forehead some shape, lift tired sunken eyes and to give definition and slim the nose area. I also wanted to highlight my Cupid's bow and lips as I like this area best of all :)

So, I would have shown you my initial G.I Dani look but it was horrific so here I am halfway through blending and finally before heading for dinner.

It was a faff, I felt a bit 'done' but I liked the look for going out etc...will I bother daily - er no.

I used these charts too, so probably best to have these to refer back to before hitting the darker shades! I found these on google - there are literally thousands on there to research and study.

All images (3 above) Google.

What are your thoughts on contouring? High fashion imagery only? Or a day to day make up method enhancer?




Crown 10 shade contour palette at www.crownbrush.co.uk

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