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Perfume, It's Personal....

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Hey Pretty Peeps,

I love perfume and have quite a collection but today I want to share something that may have me struck off the beauty/fashion blogger taste list forever.

One of my favourite perfumes at the moment and funnily enough the one my hubby comments on the most is Midnight Fantasy by none other than Britney Spears...

Now, once you get past the silly name and overly glitzy bottle the perfume itself is delicious - like warm black currents, sweet and inviting it isn't overpowering but quite distinctive. I find myself reaching for the bottle every morning.

Choosing perfume is personal and tricky to buy as a gift I was once bought Happy by Clinque and I hated it, my other long time favourite is Eau de Cartier which I actually first discovered by asking a lady on an escalator what she was wearing...I know, no shame.

Perfume shouldn't be about snobbery or branding. Just because Marilyn wore Chanel No. 5 does not mean I should or that by wearing an expensive brand the wearer is more stylish. I don't need perfume to give me depth or interest I have a personality for that, so seek out unusual brands or simply mainstream brands that you may have overlooked...

So, lets celebrate perfumes and scents that make us happy and feel delicious. Whether it is by Paris Hilton (as worn by Cheryl Cole), Kylie or if like me you are a proud Britney fan.

Kylie's Darling range is pretty awesome come to mention it...

Lots of love,



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