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Nexus 7 and 5C - Girlie IT

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Hey Pretty Peeps!

Here is a kinda different post for me, as instead of it focusing on pretty frivolity I want to talk IT - shocking I know.

Well, the positives are although this new job has been quite intense I am loving getting my teeth into something more strategic but as I say the hours are definitely longer and requiring more brain power.

Here comes in my new support systems, due to my phone bill creeping up and up due to work calls I was delighted (hubby relieved) that this new job came with a smart phone and as I get on well (am practically joined) to my iPhone I decided to get another one - this time the 5C.

I had the choice between the 5C and 5S but couldn't see the difference between the operating systems and as this is a work phone the key is really the email access over storage etc. I love the casing and although I did think it could look cheap the pink outer casing is so cool and such an urban pink I love it - although on reflection perhaps a tad bright for work!

Seriously, anyone who needs email and internet on the go with a pretty sharp camera I highly recommend the iPhone 5 series. I currently have three email accounts flowing through my iPhone which saves so much time!

As I also need access to documents and an easier format for reading I treated myself to the new Nexus 7. I know, I know married to an Apple addict but to be honest on reading lots of reviews and looking at prices, factoring in my love of Google I went with the Nexus.

On first impressions the operating system is fab, the system is incredibly easy to use and very similar to the iPad. I love how light the tablet is and how clear the screen and images are. However, the down sides I have discovered include poor camera quality and challenging WiFi connection BUT this could be me as I need to fully read the manual ;)

Google have an amazing equivilant to Microsoft Word, Excel etc so if you need such office packages do bear this in mind when picking a tablet... I almost bought the Microsoft Surface tablet for the packages alone but it was the size of a brick and over £300...

Now, all this tech is great if it genuinely is making your life easier, better, etc but there is a limit and my 3rd New Years resolution is to limit usage after 8pm so that I actually spend time with my hubby rather than tapping on Twitter...trust me it's worth it :)




iPhone 5C * work phone, Nexus 7 £200 on the highstreet or currently £175 at Amazon, tablet cover ASOS 

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