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Bombardino : Lush Bath Bomb

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Hey Pretty Peeps,

I don't know about you but I am keeping a little bit of pampering going throughout January as the weather is so cold and wet, I am seeking solace in warm baths, bubbles and with...bath bombs.

This leads me to the Bombardino bath bomb I picked up in the awesome Lush sale. After a pretty intense week I thought this little chap would certainly sooth.

This bath bomb is supposedly meant to have a lemon scent but to be honest I couldn't overly detect this, more a rich creamy milky scent.

As with all Lush bath bombs it melted furiously in the bath leaving a milky yellow bath which was delicious to get into.

I would certainly buy again if they relaunch next Chrismas - even if just for the cute little festive face.


FFF xxx

Here is the Lush description...

This little fellow takes his inspiration from an apres ski drink traditionally made in the Italian Alps with eggnog, brandy and whipped cream. Our version of the Bombardino is just as rich and creamy, smelling like a lemon meringue pie. With added cocoa butter to soften your bath water, Bombardino will leave your skin feeling silky and soothed.

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